All inventory has been organized and picks are now at 2877 14th Ave. Unit 24 - Go West of Woodbine on 14th, It's on your left hand side and it's beind 2875.

Markham ON - OCG Detailing

Summer is here and for orders being picked up, it's best to call ahead before heading over (905-415-1920) 

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* Revised Pick Up Procedure * Now primarily Click & Collect and Shipping

All orders should be placed online prior to visiting the shop.  This change is necessitated to improve the flow of order pick ups.  Unfortunately this also means that OCG Staff will no longer be able to assist with product selection and Questions/Answers regarding products.
In order to maintain the viability of this pick up location these changes need to take place as the primary focus of the business is a Full Service Vehicle Detailing establishment and they've given me an opportunity to work with them to facilitate product pick ups.
If you have product questions or inquiries, send them to

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2877 14th Ave. Unit 24

This is a Pick Up Location ONLY.  Products CAN NOT be Tested. 

Orders not picked up within 2 weeks will be automatically cancelled.  You may place the order again later, I can't hold product for much longer.

The phone# at the shop is: 905-415-1920 - Call ONLY after NOON - Alternate Number to Call After NOON as well, 647-567-0268
Hours: 12pm-7pm Daily (Monday through Sunday inclusive) - Please CALL the shop AFTER 12pm at 905-415-1920 just before heading over if you can, to make sure there isn't an unintended closure. (Especially if you are coming from further away.)

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MTM Featherweight Foam Cannon
Famous Detailing Brush
Nanoskin Autoscrub Towel – Fine Grade
Stoner Interior Trim Cleaner
303 Fabric Guard 16oz.
Grit Guard Washboard
OmniClean - 32oz
CarPro Iron X 4 Liter
Yamaha Racing Shirt


BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Compound
BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant
Metro Turbo Hand Tool

Metro Turbo Hand Tool

$17.70 $30.09

Microfiber Dusting Glove
Nanoskin Autoscrub Towel – Fine Grade
Optimum Tire Shine w/sprayer (17oz)
Poorboy's Natty's Blue Paste Wax (8oz)
Race Glaze Fabric Cleanse
Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - 230ml
Sonax Liquid Wax Hybrid NPT 500ml
Stoner Invisible Glass Aerosol Can
Stoner More Shine Less Time (Trim) Spray
Stoner Trim Shine

Stoner Trim Shine

$9.74 $11.50

Wolfgang Interior / Exterior Combo Kit