• Chemical Guys Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator (4 oz)

Why Buy This Product?

  • 4 oz. trial size - what do you have to lose?
  • Who doesn't like the smell of grape soda?
  • Eliminates odors and reduces new odors over time
  • Ready to use but can be diluted if desired
  • Formulated to last 5 times longer than conventional car air fresheners; subtle scent last for weeks

What Does it Smell Like?
Every Sunny Delight commercial is exactly the same, three guys in the back yard and one of them says, “Dude I am sooooo thirsty, what do you got to drink in the fridge?” So excited, they run to the fridge, pull open the door and, “Well, we’ve got some soda, some Purple Stuff, and Sunny D!” It was always there, behind Brand-X soda and some non-descript purple drink. Of course you’re going to pick Sunny D. If you come to our house and those were the only choices we had, the only clear choice is that we really shouldn’t be friends. If anyone was like, “What do you got to drink?” and we replied “Well, we’ve got some ketchup, some gravy, toxic waste and Sunny D,” you’d ask, “Is there any lead in your water, because I hate all four of those.” We personally like the Purple Stuff, if for no other reason simply because purple is awesome. Even saying the word purple makes you want to smile. When we say purple the first thing that comes to mind is a big grape (like the ones in the fruit of the loom commercial that for whatever reason was always so damn happy.) At Chemical Guys we like to have fun and be kids. We watched so many commercials as kids and certain ones just stuck in our head. The Sunny D commercial for sure was one of them! I guess inside we all kind of wondered what if the kid just once picked the purple stuff in the fridge and just chugged it. Call us crazy, but we like the smell of purple drinks not just because we are kids but because it’s amazing. That’s why we developed Purple Stuff. It’s smells like a delicious grape soda on a warm Summer day. The awesome smell of grape when you pop the top on a fresh can and the delicious smell of grape fills the air.

How it Works
Natural enzymatic air fresheners work by eliminating odors and reducing new odors. This is a powered new revolutionary formulation that works enzymatically.

Natural Enzymatic Odor Elimination
The Purple Stuff Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator is a concentrated long lasting premium air freshener with natural enzymatic odor elimination properties to eliminate odor and reduce recurring odor. Use sparingly or dilute accordingly for superior air scents, and long lasting deodorizing ability.

Happy Warning
The scent bottled within may cause flashbacks to your early childhood where you definitely did have a grape, purple mustache from drinking a grape soda.

Who Uses Air Fresheners
This Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator is used by professionals, automakers, OEM's, hotels, hospitality, management companies, home owners, auto detailers, auto dealerships, janitorial companies and house cleaners worldwide. Professionals understand the importance of the proper smell in its intended environment, hence supplying their customers with a true new scent that lasts is why they turn to Chemical Guys Professional Products.

Where it Can be Used
Cars, boats, hotels, restaurants, outside, on carpets and upholstery and more. Use anywhere that needs a new clean scent.

Chemical Guys Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scent Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator (4 oz)

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