• 1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray (Eistau) 16.9oz

Remove ice faster and more easily!

Einszett De-Icer Spray works like magic to remove snow and ice from your car's windshield and windows. The concentrated formula penetrates ice, frost, and light snow so it can easily be scraped away with your ice scraper. Eliminate the hard scraping and chipping needed to clear ice. Use Einszett De-Icer Spray to give you an advantage over ice.

Einszett De-Icer Spray is your secret weapon against ice and snow. You already know how time-consuming it is to chip away at ice on your windshield. Einszett De-Icer Spray cuts down on that time by doing most of the work for you. Spray it on and watch it de-ice the glass all by itself. Then just use your ice scraper or windshield wipers to wipe away the slushy remnants. Your windshield will be clear and you'll be on your way in no time!

Once your windows are de-iced, Einszett De-Icer Spray prevents re-icing! The clear coating helps keep the windshield ice-free to maintain your visibility of the road. There is no glare, film build-up, or smearing.

Einszett De-Icer Spray is safe on your vehicle. Einszett De-Icer Spray contains no toxic methanol found in other brands. Overspray is safe on rubber, plastic, paint, and metal surfaces.

Use Einszett De-Icer Spray in conjunction with Einszett Anti-Frost Windshield Wash Concentrate to maintain, clean, frost-free glass all winter.

Einszett De-Icer Spray is the easy way to remove ice and snow and keep it from coming back!

16.9 fl. oz.

1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray (Eistau) 16.9oz

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