4.0" Version

Because Size Does matter, sometimes the job calls for a bigger ball buster!  We have a Big Ball Buster for you!
Tired of “Ball Busting” to get those wheels clean?  Hard to reach areas impossible to polish to a perfect shine?
THE 4" inch. BALL BUSTER- A new bigger size is Perfect for all jobs, all wheels and is just plain freaking awesome!

Leave any surface spotless and polished with the Chemical Guys” Ball Buster”.
The Ball Buster: the professional’s tool designed to revitalize billet, diamond plate, polished aluminum, stainless steel and so much more.
The Ball Buster: heavy duty and unique professional construction enables The Ball Buster to bend and compresses making it EASY to fit into tight spaces, making cleaning and polishing difficult hard to reach areas, wheels, rims, metal work and much more EASY.

The Ball Buster: can be attached to any hand held drill, plug in or electric and any drill like device for fast and superior cleaning.

The Ball Buster is truly a multi-purpose cleaning tool ideal for wheels, rims, motorcycles cars and just about anywhere.  The Ball Buster saves hours of work and makes reaching hard, cramped or tight spots.  The Ball Buster is truly the best engineered buffing system ever. Excellent when buffing around, inside, over and past obstructions.

Ideal for wheel polishing and cleaning from billet wheels to chrome and painted wheel the Ball Buster does it all

    Great for cleaning and buffering small mirrors and headlight lenses.
    Space-age Dura-foam and fiber-soft materials make the ball buster the most durable tool of its kind.
    Useful time, effort and labor-saving cleaning tool for wheels and rim.
    Ideal for business, home or on the go use
    Great for use on motorcycles, travel trailers, and motor homes.
    Ball Buster is excellent for large truck bumpers, front grille areas and back areas.
    Ball Buster can even used on large surface areas to quickly clean and buff like a pro.
    Comes in 2 Sizes 3inch and 4inch for jobs that require Bigger Balls.
    Ideal for use with your favorite Wax, Polish, Wheel Product or compound.

Fast and Effective effort/time-saving tool. Cleans leaving a beautiful perfectly finished shine and gloss on metal parts, painted parts, clear coat and all wheels including but not limited to chore, anodized, polished, alloy, carbon fiber and coated wheels.

Space Aged Durable Design of “The Ball Buster”. Engineered for long lasting durability and performance The Ball Buster is designed through the use of multiple individual layers of durable Dura-foam space-age foam and fiber-soft materials.

Unique and Unmatched Design of “The Ball Buster”. Easy to use for any Designed with the professional, enthusiasts and weekend detailer in mind, The Ball Busters unique design utilizes a steel mounting bolt and heavy-duty vinyl coating engineered to reduce accidental “whacking” or “smashing” against surfaces.  Designed for hard to reach places The Ball Buster has a long neck ideal for hard to reach wheels and areas.

Re-Usable, Re-washable, Re-Ball Buster:  Developed using only the best materials and craftsmanship possible The Ball Buster in 100% Reusable and made from Washable Materials.

The Ball Buster made in America “Awesome”:   Made in U.S.A.

Chemical Guys BALL BUSTER - Buffing Ball Wheel & Rim Polisher System - 4.0''

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