1z Einszett Cockpit Premium

For the ultimate factory finish Einszett Cockpit Premium provides the best interior car care, giving you a quick, simple, and highly effective solution for keeping your car interior looking as good as new.

• Oil-free water based spray

• No grease, no smears

• Suitable for all interior plastic components

• Leaves matt finish for zero glare

Einszett Cockpit Premium is an interior car care spray that's water based, giving you an oil-free non-slip finish that's undetectable. The only thing you'll notice is the fragrant citrus smell of a clean car!

No mess, no smears and no greasy feel, Einszett Cockpit Premium leaves a matt finish, cutting down on shine, glare and reflections whilst you're driving.

Clear, clean and safe, the only thing about Einszett Cockpit Premium that isn't premium is the price. A highly affordable way to ensure your car's interiors are spotless and to showroom standard.

Einszett Cockpit Premium is the interior car care spray that can be used almost everywhere, for a whole range of surfaces, significantly helping to speed up the time it takes to transform your car to a factory finish.

Use Einszett Cockpit Premium for the whole dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick, as well as audio units, vinyl and imitation leather seats and even navigation screens.

Because it's completely matt and clear Einszett Cockpit premium can be used on both clear plastic as well as coloured plastic, and can be used everywhere safely for an all over, oil-free, grease-free, smear free finish.

The original factory finish your car once sported was achieved by using a special water-based matt cleaner. Einszett Cockpit Premium has been developed to achieve the exact same effect in a way that's quick and convenient. No greasy feel on the steering wheel, no smears on your dashboard screen and no shiny residue to have to wipe up afterwards. Just spray, wipe and go.

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1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium w/sprayer (16.9oz)

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