Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD

New and Improved Random Orbital Polishing, Waxing & Paint Cleaning Clay DVD

No professional actors faking what they're doing, no cheesy smiles, just yours truly showing you how to take full advantage of our orbital system without putting you to sleep! In this DVD, I'll keep you on the edge of your seat as I explain how to properly machine polish your vehicle and take all of the mystery out of operating our Professional Random 3" and 6" Orbitals. I'll also show you the proper way to clay your vehicle in preparation for polishing. You'll learn about the different Machine Polishes 1, 2, 3, & 4 and when to use Best of Show Wax®, Carnauba Wax Stick, Paint Sealant, One-Step Sealant and Paint Glaze. By the time you're done viewing this DVD, you'll know everything I know about perfecting your paint with our Random Orbital Polishing System. Now I know why Robert De Niro gets paid the big bucks! Over 26 minutes long.

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Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD

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