• The Ol School Drying Towel (19x19)

It seems every time a conversation about drying towels comes up there is someone in the crowd that adds “Remember those yellow towels you used to be able to buy? Those were great!”. I remember! They were cheap drying towels that worked damn great and when you used it for a season, you just threw them out! Many stores such as NAPA, Ford, and GM dealerships used to stock these towels and one day…POOF! They disappeared. As luck may have it while I was cleaning up the garage I found one of these towels in the original packaging with the manufacturers info on it. Thoughts ran through my head “I wonder if these are as good as I remember? I wonder how they stack up against the modern Microfibers?” The results are in, the “Ol School” drying towel is back. These towels are now imported (again) from Korea. They are simply the best working synthetic chamois under anywhere.

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The Ol School Drying Towel (19x19)

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