Polycharger booster for SOLVENT-based waxes and paint sealants.

Make your favorite wax or paint sealant work even better with Polycharger! The Polycharger CH2 Wax Booster Kit - made just for solvent-based waxes and sealants - improves the performance of your paint protection. Polycharger makes ordinary waxes extraordinary! It's like your regular wax on steroids!

You don't have to switch waxes to get better performance. Polycharger helps ordinary waxes and paint sealants reach their full potential. And it's easy to use.

Just add Polycharger to your regular solvent-based wax to:

  • improve protection and durability.

  • enhance slickness and shine.

  • reduce dust and dirt buildup between washes.

  • create a protective coating that's extremely tolerant to heat and chemicals.

  • cut your car care effort in half.

  • add years to the life of your paint finish.


Polycharger is a polymer curing accelerant. Stated simply, Polycharger maximizes the cross-linking that occurs when polymers bond to auto paint. With a lot of waxes, the polymers fail to cross-link or they do not fully cross-link. Therefore the wax isn't providing the level of protection and shine it could if full polymer cross-linking occurred.

Polycharger is the secret! Polycharger adds two new space age polymers designed for high temperature, highly corrosive environments. When introduced to oxygen, the Polycharger accelerant hyper-activates polymers in their liquid state, forcing cross-linking to begin immediately.

All waxes and paint sealants have polymers, even carnauba waxes. The polymers are what make the wax stick. Polycharger boosts the existing polymers and adds to them to improve the strength, shine, and durability of the wax or sealant. Testing results show that Polycharger improves wax durability as much as 400%. You'll know Polycharger protection is still there because your paint will bead water and shine like crazy, wash-after-wash.

Polycharger works with detail sprays and spray waxes, too. Polycharger improves the gloss and protective properties of quick detailers and spray waxes so they extend the life of your paint protection.

The Polycharger CH2 Wax Booster Kit is specifically formulated for solvent-based waxes, sealants, detail sprays, and spray waxes. It is important to use the correct version of Polycharger. As the saying goes, oil and water do not mix. Refer to our dosage chart to see which Polycharger you need.

Take your wax or paint sealant to the next level of shine and protection with the Polycharger CH2 Wax Booster Kit!

Kit includes:

  • 2 oz vial of Polycharger CH2

  • Dosing dropper

  • 3 Mixing bottles

  • 8-page color product guide

  • Compatibility & dosing chart

Note: Do not mix more wax than you plan to use in 48 hours. To avoid waste, we suggest boosting no more than three ounces of wax at one time.

Polycharger Dosing
When mixed with a liquid wax, Polycharger acts as a polymer curing accelerant. Do not mix more wax than you plan to use in 48 hours. After two days a boosted wax mixture must be thrown away, as the wax will thicken or harden in the bottle.

Your Polycharger kit comes with mixing bottles and a 60 ml bottle of Polycharger additive. This is enough additive to boost 24 to 30 ounces of wax (depending on the brand) or two gallons of detailing spray. The average car requires about two ounces of wax for a complete coating and one to two ounces of spray for maintenance. To avoid waste, we suggest boosting no more than three ounces of wax at one time.

Dosing (measuring) Polycharger is very easy. The bottle of Polycharger additive includes a glass dropper with a rubber squeeze bulb.
Each full depression and release of the rubber bulb loads 50% of the glass dropper. This is “one dose” of Polycharger additive. Most liquid wax products require two doses of Polycharger additive per ounce. Correct dosing information is provided in the Compatibility and Dosing Chart below.

Note: Shake Polycharger well before dosing. If Polycharger is not shaken, dosing will not be correct and the desired results will not be achieved.

Mixing Polycharger with Waxes
When mixing waxes, fill a mixing bottle to the desired level (1, 2 or 3 ounce mark) and add the proper dosing of Polycharger. Cap the mixing bottle and shake for 30 to 45 seconds. Your boosted wax is ready to apply. Cap your bottle of Polycharger immediately or it will spoil (harden).

Be sure to use a clean mixing bottle with each wax mixture. Additional mixing bottles can be purchased from a local drug store or where ever Polycharger is sold. If you are mixing an additional batch on the same day, it is okay to reuse the mixing bottle.

Apply Polycharger boosted wax per the wax manufacturer’s instructions. For best results, clean paint with detailing clay prior to applying wax.
Mixing Polycharger with Sprays
When mixing sprays, remove the sprayer and add the proper dosing of Polycharger. There are no shelf life concerns with boosting detailing sprays, so Polycharger can be added directly to the original product bottle. Put the cap back on the spray bottle and shake well. Shake again before each use.

Apply Polycharger boosted spray per the manufacturer’s instructions.

PolyCharger Wax Booster (CH2 Kit) - Solvent Based

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